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Hunature Inc.

Hunature Inc.

Representative Ahn, Byung Gu
Industry Type IoT Communication module, App, Development of IoT server
Exhibit Items IoT Long-range radio module, Bluetooth module etc
Address A-903, Woorim W-City, 9-22, Pangyo-ro 255, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeong gi-do, Republic of Korea
Tel. (+82)-031-609-0703
Website www.hunature.net

Company Profile
Hunature offers IoT products using wired and wireless communication technology/sensor signal processing technology.

Moreover, we also provide Mobile App services which connects people with objects. We strive to grow into a global enterprise that leads IoT and Mobile Application field.

Happy office, House full of laughter, Leisurely life with nature, and World's dreamy green life, will be together with Hunature.