Participation Guidelines 2018-06-28T16:19:18+00:00

(Unit : USD)

Category Booth Type and Price
Space Only Shell Scheme Premium
Early Bird Registration
(~2018. 6. 31)
3,200/Booth 3,600/Booth 4,100/Booth
General Registration
(~2018. 8. 31)
4,000/Booth 4,400/Booth 4,900/Booth

According to the Korean Value-Added Tax Act, the Principle of Reciprocity in Application of Zero Tax Rate shall apply only for the following countries: Greece, South Africa, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Denmark, Lebanon, Liberia, Malaysia, USA, Venezuela, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, United Kingdom, Iran, Italy, India, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Chile, Canada, Thailand, Panama, Finland, Pakistan, Australia, Hong Kong, France.

Countries not listed above must pay the whole participation fee including 10% of the total booths price as VAT.

(Unit : USD)

Category Price Details
Electricity 220V Single-Phase Daytime:70/kW

24 Hours:90/kW

· Frequency 60Hz

· Price includes installation and usage for the exhibition period

220V Triple-Phase
380V Triple-Phase
Telephone Local 90/line Includes domestic long-distance calls
International Line 200/line
Water Supply and Drainage 200/ea Visitor information is only provided to companies with this program.
Wired Internet (LAN)
Visitor Registration System